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Boys Climbing Up Slide

Playground Rules & FAQs

What to Know Before Your Visit

My Kidzplay is a SOCKS ONLY facility - please don't forget to bring them. There are socks on site for purchase if you forgot and need a pair. Please notify management of any problems or concerns - our playground rules are as follows:


  • Children must be supervised by a parent or adult at all times in the play areas.

  • Please abide by all age limits of designated items.

  • Play equipment is designed for children up to age 12.

  • No shoes, loose articles of clothing, jewelry or sharp objects.

  • We ask that one child uses the slide ONE at a time, feet first PLEASE.

  • No climbing up slides.

  • No climbing or standing on the outside of the play equipment.

  • No running.

  • All food and drinks are only allowed in designated areas.

  • Do not bring toys or other items into the play equipment.

  • Be respectful of other children - do not push, hit, or injure others.

  • Outside food and beverages not permitted.

  • Waivers required prior to entry.


Please notify management of any problems or concerns!


Frequently Asked Questions

  • Do I need socks?
    Yes, socks are required to enter the playground.
  • Do I need to be wearing "My Kidzplay socks" or can I wear my own?"
    Any socks are allowed in the facility.
  • What am I not allowed to bring in?
    Shoes, outside food and drinks, strollers, and glitter are not permitted in the playground unless stated otherwise by management.
  • Does My Kidzplay sell food?
    Yes! There is a cafe with a wide variety of options.
  • What is the recommended age range for My Kidzplay?
    The playground has activities for any child between the ages of 6 months through 12 years old.
  • Do I have to sign a waiver if I'm not playing?
    Yes! Waivers are mandatory for anyone entering the playground. They must be filled out prior to entry.
  • Does My Kidzplay host parties?
    Yes! We have a variety of party packages for you to choose from at For more questions regarding parties please call 708-529-3635.
  • How often is the playground cleaned?
    DAILY!!! Our playground is cleaned and sanitized throughout the day and is thoroughly cleaned and sanitized every night. Cleanliness is a top priority at My Kidzplay.
  • Is My Kidzplay a daycare?
    No, all parents are required to stay the entire visit watching their children.
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